Riteketo Reviews – Melts Fat Instantly

Checking the ingredients and facts about weight loss pills Riteketo: are they really reliable?

The market aimed at people worried about their weight and women in particular, is again flooded with products like Riteketo. The manufacturers of these supplements claim that it is a powerful fat burner that can help you reduce the circumference of waste, start losing weight and simply help you get rid of extra pounds.

What is it?

First of all, the first thing you should know is that Riteketo is made by a US company based in Utah. The scam capital of the states, the city is recognized for its murky businesses. Leaving aside its origin, it is said that this diet pill  Riteketo helps you lose kilos. For how much, it is difficult to say, since there are no numbers associated with the claims, only that they will help you lose weight “individually”.

Main ingredients

The good thing is that manufacturers are generous enough to introduce us to the main ingredients of their pills. The not-so-good news is that they do not mention the amount of each tablet it contains, so there is no way to know how effective it is. The ingredients vary from the  extract  of  Garcinia cambogia  to Phytosome green tea, purple tea and natural caffeine.

How does it work?

As usual, Riteketo manufacturers are very careful not to reveal the ingredient profile of their product. All we know is that the proprietary mixture is 435 mg and the energy mixture is 275 mg. Judging only by the amounts, it would be surprising that these pills had some effect, much less an effect of increasing energy to burn fat. There is also the problem of the ingredients, since when reading between the lines, it is clear that the most “powerful” ingredients are green tea extract and natural caffeine, two common ingredients that you can obtain from a wide range of products, and the Garcinia Cambogia, a small pumpkin of Asian origin with few clinical trials that suggest it is good for helping to lose weight.

Riteketo side effects

Estimating the side effects of this product can be difficult, particularly due to the lack of an ingredient profile and few testimonials. However, due to the potentially high caffeine concentration of pure extract and green tea extract, it would be recommended that people with heart problems or sleep disorders stay away.

Will it work for you?

With common ingredients and claims not backed by any kind of scientific evidence, it is very unlikely that these weight loss pills will not help. The advertised claims are ambiguous, and if you look closely at the testimonials on the website, you will clearly see that all the small stars point to a disclosure, where we learn that all the people in the testimonies followed a healthy diet, were exercised and paid a potentially high amount of money to do this.


Unless you are looking for an expensive placebo, you may not want to spend your money on Riteketo, but look for a reliable product or get a natural coffee and fruit and go jogging from time to time.


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